Low-Polygon Online Chess

This chess game is playable offline or online, with a range of customisable colours using a 2D interface and a rotatable 3D display.

Online play is completely anonymous, unless the players have contacted each other through other means prior to the start of the game.

This web application was created to demonstrate my skills with JavaScript, HTML5, MySQL and PHP. The graphics engine and user interface can be adapted for other purposes.


A view of a light-sourced globe rendered as a modest number of “quads”.

The “GlowB” (pronounced “globe”) program demonstrates a slowly rotating sphere with crudely rendered landmasses and oceans.

Using a greater number of quads it is possible to achieve a higher resolution display for use in astronomy, when viewing other planets and moons.


A screenshot of a building in the Raycaster Engine

The Raycaster is an experiment in running a classic raycaster style graphic engine in JavaScript.

The style of these graphics has been limited to the resolution of the original Nintendo Gameboy, to see what such a program might look like on such an old system.

The resolution can be easily increased to take on a more colourful or realistic style.